Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, May 25, 2015


It was a very quiet day yesterday. I have a feeling today will be the same. A nice respite as the craziness is returning as I prepare for our guests. Also, I need to prepare my speech for Thursdays Grand Rounds. A speech about my story in five minutes. A challenge.

I feel like I have full blown cold symptoms. The nose: it never stops running. My ears: one keeps closing and I feel like I am talking in a tunnel. Energy: none until I get up and move then I feel better. Cough: dry, hacking one on occasion and lessens throughout the day. I still have my voice, which is good because of the speech on Thursday. Wish I felt better. If I notice green stuff from my nose, I will write Dr. K. to get approval to take some antibiotics that I have here at the house.

We have been in a serious drought situation but these past five days, it has been wet and drizzling. Probably sounds like a horrible way to spend a three-day holiday weekend but all of us are rejoicing. The garden is actually wet! There is snow in the mountains in May! All good news as the low seems to be hanging just right for even more of this weather. We will take all we can get!

Enjoy your day with your family then back to life tomorrow.

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