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Sunday, May 31, 2015

ER Visit

Hello! I am home! We really had an adventure yesterday. We were in the ER of my university hospital in the city by 9AM. We were the only ones in the waiting room so there was not much of a wait! After having my vitals checked, we met our adorable nurse who put in a line to draw blood. Lots of blood. After a great interview by the fellow, I had an xray taken then we waited for all the results.

The major issue was the constant cough. Was this pneumonia? Was this an exacerbation of my lung disease? Was I going downhill into lung transplant?

The minor issue was my poor ear. The pus was gone but it was still pretty filled with a lot of fluid.

We waited to hear the results of all the test. My phone dinged. It turns out that the email system at the hospital gives the results of any test to the patient at the same moment it gives it to the doctor. I read the results of the blood tests before the doctor came in to talk about the results of the blood tests. What was great is that he didn't have to go through all of them as I had already spotted the problem. My while blood cell number was huge. NASA, we have a big infection.

The results of the xray showed no pneumonia and really no change to my lung disease. As my xray was rather ugly and disease ridden, there was a thought that there might be some hidden pneumonia. Maybe. Thus the cough.

They wanted some advice so they phoned the doctor on call in the pulmonary department for a chat. They all decided to give me a five day run of a MAJOR antibiotic, which they told me should take care of both the cough and the fluid in the ear. They also wanted me to check in with Dr. K.

It was noon.

They set us free. On the way out the door, we ran into the ER nurse we met when I had pneumonia almost three years ago. He remembered us. I had thought of him often and wanted to thank him. He had such fun with us that he score a private room for me. It made for a much easier three-day stay in the hospital. I was finally able to say thank you.

After we got settled at home, I sent an email to Dr. K. so she would see it Monday morning. I told her about everything leading up to the ER visit and where we current stood. I was with utter shock when I got a notice on my email that there was a message for me on the hospital email system from Dr. K. not two hours later. That woman is amazing. She wants me to send an update via email on Monday then we will decide if I need to see her DURING HER LUNCH TIME on Friday. I am so totally blessed to have this woman as my doctor.

Last night? Coughed a bit early on but suddenly it was 6AM and I had not coughed for six hours. A major improvement. The ear? Still closed.

The goal for today is to do a few cleaning chores and ironing in anticipation of Anna and Doug's visit this Friday. And a nap!

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