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Monday, June 8, 2015

Company Leaving

We left the house keys with Anna and Doug yesterday while we went to Jay's services. It truly was a celebration of his life in their home filled with his old college friends and all the relatives. It was exactly what I would wish for a service. I promised his children that I would phone Nancy often just so she can talk. It sometimes helps the grieving spouse to talk with a person who is not directly related. Easier to share without the worry of causing tears or anxiety with the children.

While we were gone, Anna and Doug drove into town for breakfast and shopped along Main Street. They made their way home, had a nice nap then went out for a beautiful walk on the coastal trail in the sunshine. I think they enjoyed they day without us!

We ordered pizza (a total treat for me!) and enjoyed it while watching the basketball game followed by the Formula 1 Race from Canada. And talked. And laughed. I also invited them to stay at our house during one of our long road trips. They are the easiest house guests ever but they are leaving this morning. It has been a nice visit.

My ear is now clogged again. I think I need another round of antibiotics. Getting tired of this...

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