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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pulmonary Rehab

Since 2005, I have been working out in pulmonary rehab at least five days a week. I have changed things up a bit since then by adding two more days a week and throwing in some yoga, walks along the ocean and lots of yard work. I felt fit and healthy before the flu hit in January. I feel I am struggling to get back to fitness.

With the hip injury, I just am not getting a full workout. It scares me. I know that working out hard everyday has helped to keep the lung transplants at bay. Having to back off exercise leaves me vulnerable. I don't like it.

In two weeks, I begin to rehab the hip with the hopes that I can continue a walk along the ocean and pain-free enough to add lots of minutes to the elliptical. I bumped into Mac, my chosen PT, and he was so happy to be working with me in two weeks. He is tough. He will push. He will teach me what I can do and really what I should never do again.

So, this is a shift. Adjust and keep moving forward.

Coincidentally, I will be part of a focus group next week to talk about specifics of a good pulmonary rehab program. My university hospital is going to launch one for ILD patients. It's about time!

Please, please, please ask your doctor about pulmonary rehab. You will feel so much better within just a couple of weeks. More stamina. I used to walk out of there standing straighter, breathing better and exhausted. It felt fantastic.

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