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Thursday, June 11, 2015

What? Can't Hear You

It was a surprise that I had a fever when I went to the local doctor yesterday. Explained why I just have not been feeling well. She reviewed the history of my immediate care and ER visits and gave me the bad news. She did not want to treat my ear with another antibiotic. She was worried that it might just kick me into the syndrome caused by antibiotics killing all the good as well as the bad bacteria. She said I would really be in trouble if that happened. So, we are treating it conservatively. Lots of warm compresses. Daily Zyrtec-D to help dry it up from the inside. Time. It's going to take time.

It's driving me nuts.

My friend Barbara has tinnitus. That is a HORRIBLE disease that will totally ground her for months. This is nothing close to it but I now can understand her frustration dealing with hearing issues with no easy relief.

I wanted to hit the gardens today but I just don't feel well enough. And, thank you, the grass is too wet! It was marvelous to be out in a gentle rain all day yesterday, thanks to the remnants of a hurricane. Lovely. Warm. A bit of drought relief.

We are going to our third funeral in three weeks. The memorial service for our former neighbor is next Wednesday. When we rented a house then bought it in 1975, they were our neighbors. After moving into our current house in 1982, we still kept in touch. They were lovely and kind to the young couple next door, even with Michael working in our garage in the early morning hours. She had a long fight with cancer and I had just seen her a couple of weeks before she died. I haven't seen their two boys in years and will be shocked that we all are older people now!

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