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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Avoiding Heat

Lots of driving yesterday. Before her eye doctor appointment, Mom and I had a marvelous lunch featuring a hilarious waiter. I got the guy to actually giggle! Love that! We arrived to the eye clinic early, the doctor took us early and we were in the car on the way home at the actual time of our appointment.

My mom and my niece went to lunch together on Saturday. Two generations without the connecting generation present. Mom loved being about to talk with her granddaughter. Just the two of them. Shelley drove down to the Bay Area, which usually takes about two hours but there were problems. Four hous later, she was sitting in mom's most favorite restaurant having a glass of wine! Mom was so stunned by her beauty, both inside and out. Shelley was also so well spoken and writes for a living. Smart. Well paid. In love.

She and Russ are going to spend a weekend with us next month. It is time to send some of my aunt's furniture home with her: Leather-topped round table, entry table with a huge mirror, bed tables. She loves anything from the 1940s.

It is going to be hot today and tomorrow. I can feel the heaviness in my chest. Thankfully, the coastside will only be in the high 70s but I need to go over the pass to buy groceries. The plan is to go first thing this morning so I am home and walking along the ocean during the afternoon heat.

I am sore but I finally have strength back in my left arm and hand. My knee is no longer swollen but a delightful shades of purple. But, my tailbone is better but still so sore. Daily goal: Don't fall down!

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