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Friday, July 17, 2015

Back into the City

After the rehab class yesterday, I met with my physical therapist Mac for our first real workout together. He slowly did some stretches on my hip them showed me four really good ones to do each morning. He then put his fingers on the one glute that had atrophied and felt around for a "knot" and held it. Searched and held. Searched and held.

He then asked me walk to the fake stairs to learn to hang my leg like dead weight while standing on a stair. While walking to the stairs, I was shocked. I had not walked so freely and pain-free for a long time. My gait was normal. It felt fantastic. It was nothing short of a miracle!

Mac reminded Type A me that the challenge is to stretch slowly and not to over stretch as that will just tighten everything up instead of the desired opposite effect.

This morning, I am going back into the city for the annual meeting with my endocrinologist. As he was one of my dad's at the school where I got sick, we will talk about his two wonderful children who are finishing up college at the moment. He was the doctor who wrote the referral for me to be seen at the university lung clinic way back in 2004, the referral for the weight management group in 2010 and the most recent referral to be seen by the orthopedic clinic for my hip issues. He saved my life.

After the appointment, I am meeting mom for lunch.

A car ride, a meeting with a dear doctor friend and lunch with my mom. A fun day ahead.

Happy Friday!

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