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Friday, July 24, 2015

Day with Mom

Mac, my PT for my hip, looked over my wounds from Tuesday's fall and declared them ugly but not horrible. Nothing broken. Nothing that would require a trip to the ER. We had such an interesting session that I almost wanted to have coffee with him to finish the conversation! We touched on topics from politics to business to life. Such an interesting person.

Afterwards, I showed off my bruises to the pulmonary rehab staff, had a quick chat with Sherman before going to Costco to order my contact lenses for the year. Also, I bumped into a person from the school were I got sick. She got a job there when she was 19-years old and now her daughter was on her way to college. Time flies. We gossiped. We updated each other. We became Facebook friends. It was nice to reconnect.

It's Friday! A fun day is ahead. Mom and I are going on a field trip to our favorite dive south of us on the coast and a visit to the goat farm. The ride along the coast will be a rare event for her. We have lots to talk about. My niece is driving down from Sacramento to take her to lunch tomorrow. I was not invited as I think she wants to talk with just her. I think that is fantastic. I had a long message chat with William yesterday not knowing until the end that he was in Australia. I thought he was leaving next week. What a surprise! I will show off my bruises as mom doesn't know about the fall yet. I also am working on a special project that I can't blog about but hope that it all comes together next week. Mom doesn't know anything about that yet. So much to share. We will be talking non-stop all day!! I'm exhausted already!

The weekend? Gardens. Naps. Calm. Just preparation for a wild night next Friday at the number one restaurant in SF with a group of seven followed by a visit to a nightclub. I will need coffee. Lots of coffee.

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