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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Falling Down, Part 2

Lesson learned. I got it now. When injured, don't try to do regular activities as one cannot depend on an injured arm to hold and use a hedge trimmer over one's shoulder up a ladder.

I lost my balance from the fourth rung and fell backwards onto my butt and back where I had my oxygen backpack. I looked around. The entire street was empty. Most of the homes empty as people are on vacations. What would have happened if I had really injured my back?

I gently got up and realized that I had no feeling on my butt. It was going to hurt but it could have been so must worse. I finished cutting the grass, watered my pots and blew everything clean but nothing else. After trying to weed, I gave up after not being able to grasp without pain.

Let's review: I have a huge bruise on the back side of my upper arm, my knee is still swollen and various shades of purple and now my butt. I haven't had the courage yet this morning to see if it, too, is colorful.

So, last night we took this poor body to an outdoor major BBQ. No sun. Sweaters and jackets and it even fogged on us a bit. Have a seat? No thanks, I'll stand. It was too tender and sore to sit! The food was amazing: venison, hamburgers, hot dogs, huge prawns in saffron fettuccine, Korean ribs, various salads and appetizers. I stuck with a taste of the venison, a bit of Caesar salad, one quarter of a hot dog and some green peppers. I did okay. It was great to see people I hadn't seen in a couple of years.

This morning, I am still very tender and will probably just take it easy all day after watching the F1 race from Hungry.

And try to not fall down.

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