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Friday, July 3, 2015

Into the Valley

It is 6:30AM, I am dressed for the hot weather and ready for the 200 mile excursion into the Central Valley today with mom. I will be hoarse at the end of the day from all the talking! It is always very sweet when we visit my dad in his crypt. She greets him with a kiss on her fingers then to the marble front. Before we leave, she repeats this and tells him she will be back soon. Almost makes me dry every time. Then, we drive a short distance away to a plaque she bought for her brother who is still missing in action from WWII. She cleans it and polishes all the ones around his memorial to the missing.

We have a lunch date planned with her girlfriends then a long drive home. Michael is not working today so he will meet me here later this afternoon. We will be together all weekend. Love that.

I saw a photo of Doug's scar to remove his tennis ball-sized brain tumor. I swear, it is huge! It is the shape of a sideways V and was help together with at least 200 staples. Amazing that he is doing so well with very little side effects. He is talking a mile a minute - due to the drugs - and walking the hallways. They are expecting him to be released today. Nothing short of a miracle.

After watching the news, it seems most people left for their weekend holiday last night so we are expecting the traffic to be light today. Hopefully!

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