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Monday, July 27, 2015

Not as Sore

I am not quite as sore as yesterday but I need to try to not fall again! My tailbone is tender and it is a challenge to sit. The decision has been made to not go to rehab tomorrow but to try to walk along the ocean. My body needs to heal.

Mom has her shot in the eye today so I have to drive her to the appointment. There is only one problem: one car needing an alternator was delivered to the shop yesterday and the other car has a nice, fat screw in the tire and losing about twenty pounds of air each night. Michael filled it up this morning so I have to drive it to mom's, drive her car for the day then use her portable tire compressor before trying to get home late this afternoon. Then, Michael and I will pick up the one car this evening and leave the other for a new tire.

We have been in a drought for a few years so it was good news that it appears it is going to be a VERY wet winter. I can't imagine even hearing the rains on the roof again as it has been so long since we had a good storm. I worry about the big trees and large plants in the yard. I want to whisper to them to just hang on a couple more months as relief is coming.

Monday. It is a rather quiet week ahead until Friday. I am meeting a dear friend for breakfast then eight friends from Michael's work are meeting at the number one restaurant in SF. The one friend missed our last outing there so this is a make-up, so to speak. As they are talking about going out after dinner, I think it is going to be well into Saturday morning before we get home. They are all decades younger than the two of us and can handle a late night!

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