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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Singing Along

Sometimes I think I have every lyric from every song written between 1935 and and 1981 (the year William was born) hidden in the deep recesses of my brain. This includes Broadway musicals. Last night, we happened upon "The Music Man" on Turner's channel. Now, I have seen this musical at least 100 times and we had the Broadway show album when we were growing up so I know not only the words to the music but also most of the dialogue.

All I can say is poor Michael. That man sat through me singing every song (if a duet, I sang both parts at the same time!) and speaking the best of the dialogue with the actors. Finally, I watched the last part from bed while he drifted off. I haven't enjoyed something on TV so much in a long time. Such a well written musical and perfect for the 4th of July weekend.

Today, we are taking off in the car for a ride down the coast after I pour hot pralines over the ganache-covered chocolate cake for Rick and Natalie's party this evening. Sometime today, the pots in the garden will be watered, the Formula 1 race will be enjoyed and it will be a nice Sunday. Together. My favorite kind of day.

Where I was raised in the Midwest, there was always the parade with kids in costumes. Here is my blog about the year, with dad's brilliant idea, we won the grand prize: HERE

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