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Thursday, July 2, 2015

So Very Grateful

I was the energizer bunny yesterday. Before 8AM, I was out cutting the grass and doing a bit of trimming. Since the holiday is Saturday, I wanted to have it all done in case we have people drop by. After a quick Safeway run for cake ingredients, I drove back into town for two hours of bliss: hair colored, cut and a facial. I crawled home relaxed. The laundry and ironing got done and a fantastic dinner was made before Michael got home to nab me. We went to his hair appointment together. A really nice day.

And we got other good news: Doug was up walking the hallways with the physical therapist, transferred out of ICU and expected to be released from the hospital on Friday. Huge sigh of relief.

The housekeepers are due early this morning, so before the rehab class, I need to buy a gift certificate from a local restaurant and a few cards. We are going to Rick and Natalie's for dinner on Sunday but we missed both of their birthdays. They are serious chocolate people so I am making the praline-covered chocolate cake for them along with the gift certificate, their favorite bottle of bourbon and cards.

But my focus is on tomorrow. Mom wants to visit my dad's crypt, change the flowers then meet one of her good friends for lunch so we are leaving very early on our 200 mile round trip excursion into the Central Valley.

Busy time.

It is times like this that I am so grateful that I can drive 200 miles into the heat of the valley with no oxygen to organize. Grateful to have good friends to share conversations and food and health information (we are all of a certain age where we share medical updates!). Grateful that Doug is clearly on the mend and will return back to his life as a newly retired person. So grateful that we are still able to maintain a house. And my mom. It is marvelous to enjoy an adult relationship with my 86-year old mom where we are honest with each other, laugh a lot, share personal concerns that are kept private between us and just enjoy each other's company. It is a gift.

Never, ever would I have thought my life at this point would be so independent from the disease when I got it thirteen years ago. For that alone, I am extremely grateful for everyday.

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