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Sunday, August 2, 2015

An Entire Day In

Following our Friday night out, I did not leave the house yesterday. There was a visit to the swing in the garden for some reading but that was it. After Michael left, I slept until noon, made some tuna for lunch, did the laundry, made dinner and we were both in bed by 7:30PM.

We climbed out of bed this morning at 7AM feeling fully recovered.

The day ahead should be interesting. The yards need cutting and watering, ironing needs to be done and I am meeting Michael over the pass to leave a car at the mechanics. It is going to be a full day.

I am feeling great. Nothing hurts. I can't kneel on my knee and the muscles above my elbow are still tender but that is the worst of it.

My week ahead features medical people four out of five days. On the fifth day, I lose Michael. He begins his annual trek to Hot August Nights in Reno. I am always invited to join him but I just can't live in the high altitude for three days. He drives up with friends, meets other friends there then always runs into people while he is there. It is good for him. It is all about cars.

I will miss him terribly. We are seldom apart for a few days. I need to plan something to do, special food to eat and to sleep a lot.

But for this Sunday, we will be stuck in tourist traffic as we try to get home this afternoon but at least we will be together!

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