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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Goodbye to William

Our final meal together was last night. We went out to the local very popular seafood restaurant at the harbor. It was simply a beautiful day followed by a warm, beautiful evening.

William and I had taken a walk downtown earlier in the day. The new park in the center of town is behind schedule but is looking so much better than the one it is replacing. We ended up at a restaurant for lunch, he had some tacos and I had a grilled seafood salad with lots of vegetables. We talked the rest of the afternoon away.

Michael arrived home right on time, we hopped in the car and were given a window seat looking out at the harbor and lagoon. Michael has the chowder, William had the lobster roll and they split a dozen raw oysters. I had three Monterey Sardines on a bed of green beans and pickled peppers. They served three! I needed William's help to finish them!

We drove home and talked. It was our final time together. It has been a fantastic, fun, interesting, calm week. The nicest time I have spent with my son in many years. We had nothing but time. No stress of holidays or other people.

This morning, I will be driving him to the airport, he is going to LA two days ahead of the tour to spend time in the Korean area of the city. A food driven side trip. He will meet up with the group at the fancy place in LA. Very Hollywood. Very famous. He has stayed there before and likes its privacy. I feel like I am sending him off into the world again. Until Christmas.

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