Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Just a Saturday

Goal today? Watching Michael climb the ladder and take care of a few things for me. I am through with ladders after flying off one a couple of weeks ago. After a bank run and a quick visit through Safeway, we are gearing up for William's arrival on Tuesday. A box of See's Candy is already on his pillow.

I am feeling really well. The UTI cleared right up along with my brain. I guess I am at the age when we women have one, it can make us act a bit strangely. Years ago, I read that when a woman is suspected of having dementia or Alzheimer's, the first test run is for a UTI. Interesting.

My energy level has returned and I am sleeping well.

All in all, when I walk into my 6-month appointment with Dr. K. on Wednesday, I will be feeling fit and healthy.

Enjoy your Saturday as the final days of summer begin. Schools begins next week. It will be Christmas before we know it!

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