Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tough Appointments

We were up and out the door by 7AM, heading deep into the Silicon Valley. We had given ourselves two hours as the traffic can be horrendous. It was nothing. Traffic heading north was very thick but not in our direction. It was a total surprise. We found free parking and walked six blocks for a cup of Philz's coffee, my first ever. Oh my. It is a small "pour over" coffee chain in the Bay Area but no place is near us. Lovely. A cold Mojito shaken coffee with no sugar. Double oh my! We were seeing an attorney for family stuff, it was great to have William present and it went well. We loved the attorney and he was worth the long drive south!

From there, we screamed north for over an hour of freeway driving into the city for my appointment with Dr. K. It was great to also have William meet her and the three of us together seeing her. She was tough. I was trying to tell her all about the four falls, the flu shot and the hip issue as she always begins each meeting asking for health updates. I was talking fast as I know we only have a limited time with her. Well, that made Michael make a comment about prednisone making me hyper. Dr. K. remarked that I needed to deal with getting older and needing to slow down. That I was not making good decisions and she felt that I might need help about crossing the line into being manic. Too busy.

"What made you think you should be on a ladder with an oxygen backpack on?"

My reply, "I have been doing it for 10 years."

She was making it much more than what it was. I push myself to work out and to stay physical for two reasons: to wear myself out so I can sleep and to stay fit to keep the lung transplants away.

Michael and I talked afterwards and he also felt that she took it too far and what she was inferring was not true. We had talked several months ago about hiring a gardener so I think I am going to follow through on that. It is time that I not climb ladders anymore nor should he climb onto the upper rungs at his age.

We met British Don afterward the appointment and had a fantastic early dinner. Michael and I split a hamburger, William and Don talked about current tech stuff that we don't understand and it was fun. Afterwards, I phoned my brother and sister, watched the Giants game and fell into bed.

Today, William and I will be taking mom to lunch. Should be fun.

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