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Friday, September 4, 2015

Birthday Celebration Continues

It was a nice day for a birthday. After the rehab class yesterday, I picked Michael up at his work around 3:00 and we drove to the most amazing Italian bakery for a large slice of tiramisu to hold his birthday candle. The sun was out, we sat on the swing in the yard while he phoned my brother and his wife then later, my mom. He opened three birthdays cards, all from my family. My brother, sister and mom. We had a nice dinner of the Five-Spiced Chinese Pork with Asian Slaw. Delicious.

But, the real celebration will be tonight when a house filled with his friends will meet for "Boys Night Out." Dear friends. Friends he has known for decades. At the same time, Mark (his car pool buddy), will be celebrating the end of his divorce proceedings, which means an entirely different group of younger people will be there as well. Though he has a small house, it has an extensive enclosed front yard with beautiful furniture and heaters as well as a nice back yard partially covered by an arbor. Lots of room to spread out. My best guess is that around 30-40 people will be there. Or more.

This morning, mom has a meeting with her eye surgeon to check the progress of her eye lid surgery four months ago. She is not happy. They still look very swollen but we think it is actually tissue that still needs to be removed. Another surgery. It will be a difficult conversation. Afterwards, I will ply her with her favorite lunch at P.F. Chang's.

Natalie texted me last night to share information about a house just up for sale in our neighborhood that would be perfect for them. Just under $1M and that, sadly, is a bargain. I don't know how people are able to buy a house let alone, pay the property taxes each year, on that amount. Wow. She is going to haul Ethan over to check it out this weekend. It would be so nice to have them within walking distance. I asked how Oliver was doing in kindergarten in his new school (where Natalie works and his sister Winnie is in 3rd grade). She said she was amazed how social he was in the larger school. He was stopping the 8th graders who were wearing Star Wars or comic book hero t-shirts and engaging them in conversation. I would love to have seen that!

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