Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, September 25, 2015

Day Off

We made it out of the house in time to turn it over to the housekeepers with a quick stop for a cup of coffee and a ride up the coast to the tunnel. We sat on the wall over the very blue, very flat ocean looking for whales. No storm coming it, that is for sure. Suddenly, there was a spout then a small whale popped up for a look around. Just breathtaking. After a while, we drove back to town to do some food shopping for the company coming on Saturday.

At home, we pulled William's 1966 Mustang out of the garage and drove down the coast for lunch. There was not a lot of traffic and the ocean was the most beautiful deep blue color. Lunch was fun at the yuppie campground restaurant. The campground was hosting a corporate event with music and people wandering around the back yard area off the restaurant porch. We wandered into the General Store and bought another pair of very cool sunglasses with bamboo arms after lunch. 

It was warm that far south but it got cooler as we got closer to home. We both settled in for a nap until our new neighbor came by. I made dinner for Michael but I ate very little, still full from lunch. 

It was so nice to spend all day together. Today, he is back to work and I am back to mom, who has an eye doctor appointment this morning after I have a workout at the other rehab. Later, I plan to make the Bourbon Pecans and a new dip I found in this month's Food and Wine magazine. Company comes tomorrow at 5:00PM. 

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