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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Goodbye, Michael

Quick one today. Michael is leaving me. We have to be showered, dressed, packed and out the door to the airport by 9AM. Just two hours away.

He will meet British Don, they will go through security together, have a great cup of coffee before boarding a plane to Dallas/Ft. Worth then Nashville for Don's daughter's wedding.

It was an ugly divorce and the daughter was moved out of state. It has been difficult. Michael and Don's other friend will be the "British Mafia" protecting their Don. Making sure everything goes will. Using lots of smiles and words like, "Haven't seen you in years! I would love to meet your family," while escorting them away from Don.

The wedding is Friday followed by a reception and a dinner Saturday and a breakfast Sunday. They are going to the wedding and reception. What they are going to do is have a ball in Nashville together before they arrive home on Sunday evening.

Me? Cooking simple food, taking lots of walks, working in the garden, watching NetFlix and sleeping. I am exhausted.

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