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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Irish Jigs

Waiting for Michael to come home, I peered out the front window. Nothing. I thought I heard something. Opening the door, it became louder. Walking to the driveway, I realized it was live music coming from Leslie and Joe's house. She was having a rehearsal of her Irish fiddling group out on their front porch area as it was in the shade and cooler than inside her house. They sounded great. Leslie spotted me, came over and told me to swing by after Michael gets home and, by the way, she has some new Irish whiskey for him to try. Minutes later, he arrived and was met by music. "Look what I arranged for your homecoming!" I said. He laughed. After a quick dinner, we wandered over, sat with them and listened to fantastic live music for over an hour. What a treat!

Another treat was after we walked back home, the SF Giants were winning so we went to bed happy people.

Project #2 moved a bit forward yesterday. I removed all appointments and meetings from my calendar from next Sunday to Thursday so I would be available for a photo shoot. The photographer phoned yesterday afternoon to advise me that the still photos will be taken in the city on one of those days. Apparently, there will be several other people involved in the project and they were trying to put together the shooting schedule. They will let me know the date, time and place. So today, I am having my toenails done and my eyebrows waxed and I rescheduled my hair appointment for this Friday afternoon.

Takes a lot of get me camera ready!

I spoke with mom on the phone yesterday morning and she didn't mention her eyelids. She did mention that she was looking forward to play poker yesterday. We will see each other on Friday.

After working out at the rehab class, I was worried about Michael working in almost 100 degree temperatures. I phoned from the car. He said he was drinking a lots of water then he said, "They have something at Safeway that would help. It's called ice cream!" He loves the Dryers new custard ice cream so I had some waiting for him when he got home.

Today, I have a free day. I am going to do some filing of paperwork before my toenail appointment, pick up the house for the housekeepers, make a light shrimp salad for dinner then go to the orchestra rehearsal tonight. A full day.

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