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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Project #2 Photos

Project #2 is moving forward on Tuesday by having still photos taken here on the coastside. I am almost ready. Hair cut? Check. Toes? Done. Eyebrows? Waxed. Removal or hair on face....scheduled for tomorrow! I have asked the photographer about clothing suggestions of either casual or business, as I have not been told what they want.

Speaking of clothing, mom and I went shopping yesterday before lunch at Nordstrom. I found a nice, causal, light shell that would look great over those size 8 slacks I had tried on the day before. Bought it. We strolled over to Macy's, found the slacks, tried them on and my mom went crazy. She told me I had to buy them (and I got them 20% off!). They fit perfectly except they needed to be hemmed. I think they will work for the photo shoot with my good turquoise jewelry, if they want a clean, casual business look.

After lunch, I drove to the coastside for my hair color and cut then home for a short time. We were invited to the new neighbors for dinner. It was so nice, fantastic food and we didn't get home until 11:30! I hope we didn't overstay our welcome!

After a quick run into town this morning, I am focusing on laundry, gardens, cooking, hemming the slacks and working on my schedule. I realized after confirmed the photographer on Tuesday that I can still attend the board meeting at my university hospital on Monday evening without Michael. He is leaving for Nashville on Thursday and doesn't want to take additional time off work for the meeting. I hope I don't appear tired for the photos!

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