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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Seeking Relief

Mom was miserable when I met her yesterday morning. It has been unusually hot, she was just sick of it and craving the fall season. It was so much cooler here on the coastside that I suggested we head back over the pass together. We drove to the area where I walk and where the photos were taken last week, tried to spot some whales (saw a couple of sea lions) and just let the cool, light breeze cool us both. It was marvelous.

After an hour or so, we drove into town, walked a couple of blocks, gave her a tour of the new barbershop and went out to the Ritz's pro shop for lunch. Driving up to the little gate house, we noticed the buntings of the flag then the hundreds of white and black flags with writing on them. We couldn't quite read them. We told the lady we were locals just going to get some lunch at the pro shop and she said:

The Navy Seals had their Golf Tournament last weekend and the final ceremony is during lunch. I don't know if they are serving anyone else for lunch today.

Navy Seals? Really? We drove down, parked and walked in. The place was hustling. There would be no lunch there for us. The decorations, all the flags and the huge banners proclaiming that, indeed, the Navy Seals were present. Now, we did not see any but we sort of assumed that they were retired Navy Seals. But, maybe not. It was intriguing.

So, back to our fish taco place for some fresh salmon before I drove mom home north up the coast to see more of the ocean, with the windows down on the car to drink up the last of the cool, clean air.

Back to her house, it was HOT and not a breath of air.

It is cooler today. The hot spell has broken. The rehab class is this morning and not much else on my schedule today. I slept last night for the first time in days and fell so much better this morning.

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