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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Too Quiet

Awfully quiet around here. It is rather strange to just gently glide out from underneath the bed linens and gently straighten them and Voila! the bed is made. So different from my normal bed making routine where I have to totally remake the bed. It is strange to have nothing out of place in the house. Nothing moved. No noise. No reason to cook dinner by a certain time.

I have yesterday's practice round for the Formula 1 race from Singapore on right now. There is no one commenting. No one wincing at close calls. No one making coffee for me.

It is strange being in this house alone for four days.

Michael phoned from Nashville before the wedding reception yesterday. He was sitting on the front porch of their Air B&B, which he said was very old but charming, tiny house. It was hot. And muggy. The photos of the wedding that were posted on Facebook were such fun to see and made me feel that I was part of it.

So, they are now done with their duties. British Don, his college buddy Anthony and his girlfriend from Oklahoma City, and Michael will be free to investigate every inch of Nashville today before flying home tomorrow. Michael was even excited when William told him there was a bar where you could actually buy cowboy boots in the bar!!! Maybe not the best choices made after a few cocktails but really, a bar that sells cowboy boots.

It is hot here on the coastside. Tourists are expected. I am going to stay home, focus on the gardens, iron, go for a walk and watch the final two episodes of "House of Cards." Another quiet day.

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