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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Enjoying Retirement and the Weekend

This retirement thing is rather nice. We slept until 7AM this morning. That has just never happened. We are having breakfast, watching "Gone Girl" DVRed off the free HBO this weekend with no plans to move quickly. The Pumpkin Festival has begun and the thousands and thousands of people will come to the coastside this weekend to see the award winning giant pumpkins, eat pumpkin rolls and garlic fries, listen to live music and shop from the artisans who vie for the limited amount of booths down the center of Main Street. The parade begins at noon. It features the local high school marching band, kids on decorated bikes, horses and the fire department. Small town stuff, which is why it draws such crowds. It is real.

We are choosing to cut branches from a tree that is touching the roof of the garage, remove two large plants, install gutter extenders along a fence, cut the grass, BBQ dinner, iron the laundry. We are not leaving the homestead all weekend.

We met at mom's yesterday and she was still very happy about her eyelid surgery. She looked fantastic and had no pain.

I am not coughing very much at all. It will be interesting if it begins today while we are working.

Enjoy the Fall day.

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