Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Feeling Better

Rehab boy Dick phoned. The results of his test on the mass growing on the outside of his lungs are still in question. They gave him two choices: do nothing or have a biopsy. The problem is that his lungs are not very strong and that they may collapse. He has chosen to have the biopsy and now I am waiting to hear when it has been scheduled.

Mom has a conference call this morning with my dad's former employer to help her navigate choosing a new company for her Medicare Part D coverage. Her current policy dramatically changed, added a deductible and increased the co-payments from $3.00 to $20.00. Crazy increase. She wants me to listen in on the other phone and help her to choose the new insurance. I may not make it to the rehab class if it is a long conversation.

My pain is about 90% less this morning than yesterday. I am in love with the tennis ball and the stretching. Both seem to work together to reduce the pain of my sciatica problem.

Orchestra rehearsal - best rehearsal ever. New music! We played Selections from West Side Story, were called out by the conductor for our outstanding rhythms, which held the rest of the orchestra together. Gerry and I were so enjoying playing this beautifully written music and the very fun bass parts. We also read through Vaughan-William's Greensleeves featuring the harp. Beautiful. Haunting. So much fun to play. Both pieces will be very well received by the audience.

I got the new pneumonia shot yesterday. My arm is a bit stiff this morning but Dr. K. wanted me to get it. Ask your doctor if you are able to get one, too. Good insurance.

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