Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Quiet Sunday

F1 in Russia. So far, it is kind of a messy race with lots of things going wrong. This is not what Mr. Putin would like for a race the world watches. They built a race track that winds through all the former Olympic venues. Pretty. Functional. Very smooth track, which allows them to go a long way on the tires but a hard time keeping the temperature of the tires hot enough for safe racing (no spin outs). We're about half way through the DVR of the race. It is not at all a "normal" race so it should be an interesting second half!

All my chores were done yesterday so today, I am going to just do a bit of ironing then I am going out for a walk along the ocean. Just maybe I will see a whale or two!

I did go to see Natalie's open house yesterday. Amazing. I messaged her to ask where she put all their stuff? She said they gave much of it to a local church. It looked fantastic and there were four other groups of people looking at it. I so hope they get an offer so they can buy the house in my neighborhood.

Two weeks ago, I inhaled some iced tea into my lungs. I have had a minor cough but that seems to be almost gone. No coughing in rehab. No coughing while I worked in the yards yesterday. I think I dodged a bullet.

A super busy week ahead. But, I will be enjoying a very quiet Sunday.

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