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Monday, October 19, 2015

Tendon Damage?

We are leaving the house for the first time today. Michael will be working on a project while I am off to the other rehab then a visit with mom for the rest of the day. She is also itchy to get up and out of the house since her eyelid surgery on Friday.

I am a bit concerned about some pain I am having with the tendon going down the back of both thighs. It is very sore in the mornings and, after an Aleve, it loosens up and is better. I also noticed that there is no pain if I bend forward a little bit. Interesting. I wonder if it was caused by the last run of Cipro, which can cause tendon damage months afterwards.

This morning, I am going to try the treadmill then see if it is better tomorrow morning. It seems the more I move, the better it becomes. But, I have to say, the pain level is around an eight and I can take a lot of pain.

We spoke with William yesterday and discovered he was just recovering from pneumonia. I get super nervous when lungs are involved and I hope this is not a trend. Apparently, they had to cancel some concerts as most of the tour group was ill. Tough tour! They head to Europe in a couple of weeks so they all need to be well!

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