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Friday, November 6, 2015

New Chores

It is amazing all the things that demanded our attention yesterday after being gone just a few days! We were both exhausted and slept through the night. We did see mom and will return to spend more time with her today before we go to a meeting at my university hospital after lunch. More on that tomorrow.

Michael did the grocery shopping with me, I was able to make some hard-boiled eggs for his breakfasts and a pizza for my breakfasts or lunches. Dinner was delicious and it was good to be home and eating our own foods.

The women where Michael worked used to tell him that he was so lucky to have me. I did everything. He replied that he made coffee in the morning. In the car driving home from LA, I asked what he was going to do to help me since he was now retired. What chores? I suggested the laundry and that he cook dinner one night a week. That includes cleaning up. So, that leads us to advanced chores: loading the dishwasher. He agreed and told everyone we ran into yesterday about his new chores. Even the clerk at Safeway!

What I have also asked was that he help with the food shopping. I shop at the butcher's, Trader Joe's, Safeway and sometimes our little organic market all in one day. By the time I haul it all to the car then into the house and finally put it all way, I am pooped.

We are having fun blending our daily lives and schedules together. This retirement thing is okay.

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