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Monday, December 7, 2015

Bon Voyage!

Happy 9th birthday to my friend, Winnie. We looked at a house in the neighborhood yesterday with her mom Natalie. I so hope they can somehow win a bidding war and buy it! I would love to have them close by and it really was the perfect house.

Our company is leaving today but really, Christien is the easiest house guest ever. Yesterday, we had a lovely drive down the coast in a light rain, had soup at our favorite place, visited the goat farm then made it home in time to meet Natalie. Before you know it, I was making a fish dinner, doing the dishes and it was bed time! The day just flew by.

Today, I have a quick visit with the dentist then we are going to visit the school where I got sick. I think. I do want to get a good late lunch into Christien so she has a base for the long flight to Australia later this afternoon.

We are down to two cars and one needs attention tomorrow. I need to drive Michael's Porsche if I want to workout at the rehab class. I hate driving a stick, especially up and over the pass, but I really want a good workout. A dilemma. I just don't know if I will stay home or go for it.

I do need time to balance the checkbook, make baklava for my brother and just rest up. Chip was just awarded his 6th patent, thus the baklava. He loves mine, as it is not sticky sweet, and shares it with his co-workers. I'd like to get it in mail to him ASAP.

It has been a really nice change of pace with Christien here: lots of Christmas music during dinner in the dining room, no TV on, no pajamas at 5PM. I will miss her!

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