Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Little Bit Everyday

Yesterday, I arrived to our meeting spot near the gym for the rehab class right on time and just itching to see Sherman and Dick, my rehab boys. It had been awhile. Missing. Both of them. I phoned Sherman and became very concerned. He was needing 5-6 liters of oxygen to just sit and 7-8 to do anything. That was a major increase since I had seen him last. Scary. He also mentioned that his daughter told him he was depressed as he doesn't want to leave the house as it takes too much effort. I told him I would see him at rehab on Thursday. If he doesn't show up, I will phone him Monday to remind him to come on Tuesday. I think if he just gets to rehab, he will feel better. Everyone stopped me to ask about why he was absent and all expressed concern. He just does not realize how much he is loved.

Then, I phoned Dick. He was having lunch with his wife. The radiation on his cancer mass on the outside of his lung was really wiping him out. He probably won't be a rehab for a while.

Scary times.

Going into the class, I was rather nervous with anticipation of my numbers and coughing. It was rather remarkable. My numbers were pretty good and I didn't cough very much. Though I did a much reduced routine, I still had to push myself. What was totally unexpected and a pleasant surprise, I walked out of there feeling so much better. I was breathing better. There was no tightness in my chest nor the feeling that I needed supplemental oxygen.

So, I think the answer to getting back to better health without needing new lungs in the near future is to move everyday. Again. Starting and building myself back up. Again.

Michael and I are spending the day together and have a long list of things we need to do. On that list is a stop at the other rehab so I can spend some time on the treadmill. A little bit. Everyday. That is the goal.

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