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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

All About the Cough

At the other rehab yesterday: I started with the treadmill at 3.5 MPH for eleven minutes. No coughing. What was even more amazing was that I chatted with a friend on the treadmill next to me the entire time. Feeling positive, I made my way to the free weights. I made the lifts also talking to the RNs the entire time. No coughing. Then, I made my way to the upright bike. That was where it fell apart. I think it was because it kicked up my heart rate, which kicked in the coughing. I only did five minutes. My saturation rates throughout the workout were fine. Even more of a surprise.

At the rehab class today: I will ask that my saturation rates be checked more often during the workout. The goal? Treadmill, wall pulleys, bike, free weights, elliptical. If I can get through that routine, I will be one tired, happy person. Coughing will determine whether I complete the goal or not.

There was a young woman hired to be the administrative assistant for the admissions department at the school where I got sick. I liked her. She had a lot to learn but was smart. Yesterday, I got a friend request from her on Facebook. What a surprise! I haven't heard from her since 2005 and was thrilled to see that she was married, had two young children and was still working at the school. Good for her!

A major storm is due today. Lots and lots of glorious rain though it will be a challenge to drive over pass. Strong winds and an even bigger storm is due tomorrow. Keep them coming!

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