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Monday, March 28, 2016

A Very Happy Easter

I am feeling so much better. Almost normal. It has been a long month of that nasty cold, cough and misery. To be safe, this week is going to be quiet with just rehearsals. Rehab will begin again next week.

We texted with William yesterday as he was preparing for a concert in Canada. Safe Canada. Lovely Canada. The tour was going well with no drama. I shared the colonoscopy results and other news. We asked if he could come down for a visit after the tour is over at the end of July, I told him I had new recipes and he thought that sounded great. Homemade food always sounds so good when one is on the road.

Mom looked so festive for our Easter brunch. She bought Michael two See's Candy Chocolate Easter Eggs and a book on deviled eggs for me! I love the book and will begin making the very interesting combinations for our breakfasts.

We have celebrated Easter at the same place for three years. It is in a hotel near Stanford where Presidents and dignitaries have stayed while in town. It has a restaurant that features an outdoor, vine-covered courtyard, which is where we were this year. It was quiet and elegant and lovely.

Mom had the pasta Bolognese, Michael loved the seafood pasta and I was so happy with the smoked salmon. There was dessert involved as well: just of few bites of tiramisu, two mini cannolis, mango sorbet and a glass of berries covered in zabaglione. Oh, my goodness.

We had a nice day together. A reminder of what a lovely life we have and so grateful to have this time with my mom.

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