Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, March 25, 2016


Boy, am I ever glad that is over! It was a long day, we arrived to the offices early and they were running late. There had been a problem with someone ahead of me. Michael finally took off for a walk and to eat some late lunch. He also picked up my turkey sandwich for the ride home.

I was called in, changed into a gown, had vitals taken including an EKG, reviewed my medications twice, had 40 mgs. prednisone shot into my IV and waited. Finally, I was wheeled in, given 2 liters of oxygen, turned on my left side and watched while Fentanyl and Versed were shot into the IV. That was all I remembered before waking up in my little curtain-surrounded area. No pain. Feeling fine. I tried to get onto my feet. Whoops, that wasn't good. With help, I got dressed sitting down. Woozy.

The doctor look lovely photos of what she found:

  • Mild diverticulosis of the sigmoid colon, descending colon and ascending colon.
  • Polyp (6 mm) in the transverse colon.
  • Grade 1 internal hemorrhoids.

She told me that the polyp was very flat and soft and not at all cancerous-like. The biopsy will be in Tuesday and she will phone me with the results. The bleeding was coming from the hemorrhoids. She also commented that the diverticulosis was very, very minimal.

So far, so good.

I will be emailing this to Dr.K. this morning and will also alert her of the results on Tuesday.

We drove home, I rested for a few minutes before making some deviled eggs for Michael's breakfasts and a cauliflower casserole for my breakfasts, which he ended up having for dinner. I stuck with eating half of the turkey sandwich and will enjoy the other half this morning. I have to eat mild food for a bit to let the biopsy site heal. No nuts or anything rough. Soft bread and turkey, just perfect.

I kept reminding myself that this was good to get it done now so it does slow down the lung transplant process when it begins.

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