Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Feeling Fantastic!

Mom and I were together again yesterday. She collected her taxes and began a new crown process at the dentist before we had a very simple lunch together. It was a nice day. After dinner, some friends dropped by to look at British Don's M3 BMW, which is for sale. It was good to see them and the dad of their friend is coming back tonight to close the deal.

It was a very windy, cold day. I was planning to work in the front gardens today but I really don't want to be out in the wind. Not a lot of fun. So, since Michael drove Don's car home, I have to drive him over the pass to get our car this morning. While there, I am going to do the food shopping. But, what I am really looking forward to is walking across the street to an Irish fiddling rehearsal at 5:00. Another step back into my life.

It feels so very good. I am breathing so very well.

Michael's sister Anna has been dealing with issues with black flecks sometimes in her urine. She has had lots of tests and months of antibiotics. Yesterday, she had an appointment to talk about having her bladder scraped. Sounded horrible. The short of it is that she is now being scheduled for a bladder biopsy and surgery. We should know the date soon. Now, this is the family who has had a horrible year: her husband had a large brain tumor removed in January, they have had two water leaks with massive damage and just filed another claim with their homeowners insurance yesterday as they have yet another leak. She is also the person in charge of their mom.

I hope that they find a minor cause of the bleeding and they can continue on with their lovely life. This getting older stuff is rough!

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