Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, April 25, 2016

Blown Away

Three hours later, the gardens were in great shape. I hand trimmed all the plants in our little hidden garden outside our bedroom. It was a lot of work and now looks clean and tidy. I was happy. But, then it changed. Within minutes of putting all the equipment away, the winds kicked up. Gusts of mid-40MPH hit the coastside. Throughout the afternoon and into the night, gusts were so strong the house moaned at times. Michael picked up all the fallen small dead branches from the birch trees in front. There were a lot of them! The winds cleaned them out, thank you very much! That was my Sunday!

It is still a bit windy this morning and it is cold!

Mom has an early dentist appointment here on the coast to make sure she is healing well from last week's tooth extraction. She says she is fine. I hope so! It will be a day of driving over the pass four times so I hope there are no traffic issues today!

Several nights ago, we DVRed "West Side Story" from TCM and watched it last night, though one of us was able to sing along as well as reciting some of the dialogue. It was an obsession in my youth. My dad followed the Broadway theatre each year so I knew all the songs before the movie was released when I was seven-years old. I had not seen it in years but last night, I really saw it through different eyes. What a movie. So relevant still today.

I have not heard from the lung transplant clinic. Last time I was there five years ago, they phoned and we had an appointment within days. I have a feeling they are a lot busier these days and it may take longer to get an appointment. Hopefully, I will hear from them soon. My appointment with Dr. K. is next week so she will kick some butt, if needed. Love that about her.

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