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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Change of Plans

We had plans yesterday: Smog then AAA to register the new/old car then I was going to return to pulmonary rehab. I arrived to our smog place (Michael is friends with the owner), they had a beautiful, clean lobby with a Keurig machine and lots of magazines. It also had cameras throughout the work area and I was able to keep an eye on the car. Something was wrong. They finally came in to let me know that the computer on board would not read the data and they couldn't get the smog done. They were going to run the car to a friend at the dealership to find out why. That would take some time.

I phoned Michael, who was five minutes away but in the middle of something he couldn't just stop. So, they babysat me for a while. He arrived and with that, all of our plans for the day were thrown out the window!

We hit Home Depot first, bought a new garage door clicker then drove around the corner to Pep Boys to buy sun screens for the new/old car then headed north on the freeway. Lunch time! We met British Don at the deli for lunch. While there, around 10 other people came by to talk with Michael including the local cops. They teased each other as they often see each other at this deli. It was fun for me to watch all these interactions.

After lunch, we drove back to Peet's near the smog place to buy fresh coffee beans for this morning where Michael was greeted by everyone. This guy gets around! When we checked in on the car, they had not taken it to the dealership so we headed home. We were home by 2:00, sat in the backyard and enjoyed the beautiful weather. It feels like LA this morning. It is warm with that Santa Ana warm breeze. It is expected to be 80 degrees here today. Tomorrow, it will drop into the 60s and rain should arrive on Friday and Saturday. Knowing all this, we tried to really appreciate the afternoon outside.

We did get a phone call that the car was ready. They had to re-set the control panel at the dealership, Michael's friend was able to run the smog test, we are going to pick it up first thing this morning then I am coming back home for a few hours. At noon, I will head deep into the city for my doctor's appointment. After dinner tonight, I have an orchestra rehearsal. It is going to be a long, busy, hot day. Or, all this is the plan but as we learned yesterday, stuff happens!

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