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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dinner Company

Mom and I had a quiet day together, I set the table for company dinner tonight, cooked the Barbacoa for over three hours and slept another eleven hours. Guess I really needed it! This morning, I feel like a race horse being held at the gate waiting for the start. After a very quick run into town for flowers and a baguette, I am going to make as much of tonight's menu ahead as possible before a nice shower.

Michael arrived home before the Barbacoa had finished cooking and he moaned as the delicious aroma hit his nose. "We must test it," he declared. Out it came, two forks tried to shredded the browned beef chuck hunks. Nope. Not yet. An hour later, we tried again. Nope. Another fifteen minutes, he made a pronouncement: IT WAS DONE. I wish I had a photo of him carefully shredding the meat deep in a very hot large pot. We then mixed in all the juices and both of us used one of the forks for a taste test. It was absolutely delicious. A success. Here is the recipe if you want to give it a try: HERE

Just looking over my list of things to do and I am ready to get going. So much to do today. So much fun. I have a feeling I will be sleeping another eleven hours tonight!

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