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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Finding my Zen Place

Working in the garden yesterday was just good for my soul. We had finished the majority of the work on Wednesday so I was able to focus on the hand trimming. My Zen place. My focus is the plant. No worries, no external thoughts, nothing but focusing on the beauty of the plant I am shaping. Calming. Quiet time. Two hours later, the back yard was trimmed and the pots were watered and the small weeds in the pavers were taken care of. Around 3:00, Michael phoned before he tried to get home from over the pass. I looked it up and there was a huge accident on our road. No one was getting into or out of town. Plan B: our favorite drive through the redwood then down to the coast, which takes double the time but at least he could get home. Well, Plan B fail! It was totally closed due to a huge accident of many cars and serious injuries were involved. Plan C: the route we drove Friday evening. It looked clear. He drove from the north, down the coast, past the always packed Surfers Beach and made it home in no time. How? Tourists? Traffic? Turns out that even though the weather was fantastic, The Golden State Warriors had just finished playing the first round of playoff games and everyone was home. No traffic. No tourists. No people coming from the other two routes so the coast was clear!

Michael cooked the rib eye steak to perfection, we had mushrooms and cole slaw and a lovely dinner outside on the side patio. It was warm but we were able to catch the gentle breeze. Every window of the house was opened and, after dinner, we watched the Giants game until bedtime. They won.

We are not going to push our luck this morning. Michael needs me to shuttle him over the pass this morning. Coffee, breakfast and workout clothing. Forget makeup. We are out of here early! I want to get back before the tourist come over, which usually begins about 10AM. Then, the bed linens will be washed and ironed then I will take a nice shower. By the time he gets home just an hour after I do, I should be almost be finished. Today, we are going to dig out a large Fortnight Lily, divide it into fourths, give half to Ron next door and replant it near the mailbox. I also need Michael to remove some ornamental grasses that have gotten too big. An axe will be needed to get them cleared so the other plant can find a new home. Just another day in paradise!

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