Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

First Step to Lungs

Living in the "Ring of Fire," the recent earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan are making us nervous. We live just a couple of miles west of the San Andreas Fault, the one that runs right down the middle of San Francisco. Earthquake insurance is horribly expensive with a minimum of a 50,000 deductible. Very few people have it. When I was in college many years ago, the geography teacher explained that, eventually, the land west of the fault would break away and the currents would very slowly move it up to Alaska. It may take millions of years but we always have joked we have potential Alaskan property! The photos and news reports coming out of both areas show such heart-stopping devastation. Those who survived, their lives will never be the same. So very sad. 

All my driving over the pass went well yesterday. Mom had a new crown installed but had a tooth pulled under another crown due to massive decay from dry mouth. She is obsessed with her teeth and just learned a few years ago that she had dry mouth, which can cause bad breath and decay. Recently, there are products on the market that have helped a lot. 

I got an email from Dr. K. yesterday that she had sent a referral to the Lung Transplant Clinic. I expect to hear from them today or tomorrow to schedule an appointment. It would not surprise me if they wanted to see us this week or early next week. The process begins.

Cooler today but still lovely. Michael removed my Angel's Trumpet tree yesterday, which was growing too big for its space. I was also a bit nervous about it being poisonous. It was beautiful but I am happy to see it gone. I now need to remove a fern and Michael is going to move a huge jade pot into the space for interest. 

Cute story: Natalie's birthday was this past weekend so we chatted a bit. Her 5-year old son Oliver was telling a story about this uncle having hurt his head and she said, "Ollie, what are you talking about? Andy (Natalie's brother) is fine" and he replied, "No! Michael!" He remembered Michael's convulsions almost two years ago. Funny what kids absorb. He is convinced that Michael and I are relatives and part of their family. I so love that. 

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