Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Sunday, April 24, 2016


The weather has turned as it is cool and cloudy here. There is a huge fundraiser for the Senior Center at the airport all day today. Dream Machines. Airplanes were flying in all day yesterday and the parade of cars started very early this morning. Michael usually sits at the entrance to our complex with a mug of coffee and watches the cars go by on their way to the airport.

Traffic to the show is going to be crazy then again when they all head home later this afternoon. I'm not leaving the house. The grass needs to be cut, the pots need to be watered and that pesky fern needs to be removed from our bedroom garden. My work is waiting for me.

I am facing it all today because yesterday, I took the day off. My normal gardening day found me dressed up and in a lovely restaurant just a minute from Stanford University. On my way home, I was thinking that it was remarkable to be able to meet a kid who arrived at the school where I got sick when he was in fourth grade and here he was, an adult, making huge strides forward in his life and into the world. It was a gift to be able to spend time with him. He is rarely on this coast and I was honored that he carved some time out to spend with me. We got caught up: new lungs, research projects, former student updates, relatives, running and marathons, ideas, thoughts, questions. I did remember to ask about his 8th grade recital project. He had worked with a composer, wrote and performed a composition. It brought a smile to his face. He then spoke about maybe learning a new instrument. I have a feeling his work with music is not only in the past and, one day, he will have the time to refocus on that joyous part of his life. The couple of hours with him made me think and smile all the way home.

When I am inspired, I tend to have to do something, like cooking or playing the piano or singing. So, after I got home, I cooked. By the time Michael arrived home in the afternoon, he was greeted by a lovely aroma and the kitchen was stacked with pans waiting to be washed.

After working in the garden this morning, I am already dreaming of a shower and preparing for tomorrow.

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