Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, April 15, 2016

Into the Weekend

I made it through the day after little sleep, fairly intact. Not quite zombie-like but close! A strong black iced tea helped me get through the rehab class. Sherman and I talked about Dick, he was as shocked as I was at his appearance and he remarked there had been a remarkable change in just a week. It appeared that he had given up. It was a good workout for me, I added a lot to my routine and was wet and tired when I climbing into the car afterward. It felt great.

After cooking dinner and going to bed early, I slept eleven hours. Was it the exercise or was I exhausted from not sleeping well the night before? I don't know but I enjoyed such a deep sleep.

Mom has an appointment this morning for a shot in her eye for macular degeneration, we will have lunch together then I am home for the weekend. I plan to work in the gardens on Saturday and read in the gardens on Sunday! If we are up to it, we might take a drive in the new/old car after sunset this evening.

This morning, I am sending an email to Dr. K. to tell her about my decision to go forward with the transplants and that Michael and I will want to discuss it all with her at my next appointment. She is going to be very happy about this decision.

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