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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Out for a Ride

We took the new/old car out last night. The headlights were amazing. Remarkable. We caught the sun just going down while we drove north along the ocean. We are not out at night very often and I loved seeing all the lights of the Bay Area once we got over the northern pass.

We passed the spot where the Spanish explorers finely found the lost inner harbor (the bay) written in the notes of a ship of sailors who died of scurvy 100 years earlier. Spain sent a party of explorers up the coast from Mexico to search for this harbor and, just south of San Francisco, they camped then sent out a hunting party to find meat. They climbed over the mountain and BOOM. Water. Lots of water. The entire camp headed east to the water's edge, found that they couldn't cross to the north as it, too, was not connected to land though they could see the camp at Drake's Bay in current Marin County. So, they went south to the end of the bay (currently San Jose) then up almost to what is now Sacramento where they could finally cross to the north on land. The bay was discovered. It was a safe harbor from the storms. Apparently, the famous fog hid the entrance through the Golden Gate for 100 years.

During the ride, we talked and listened to a Chris Isaak CD and just marveled at the new/old car. At one point, I turned to Michael and asked if he just wanted to continue driving to LA instead of going home? It felt like we could have driven all night. It was nice.

It is absolutely beautiful here this morning. A real estate agent's dream day. Blue sky. No wind. Warm. It is also a magnet for tourists. My goal is to clean up the garden and do some hand trimming. We have a gorgeous rib eye steak to BBQ for dinner. I like the little strip at the edge and the bone, while Michael enjoys the rest. We are going to have some sautéed mushrooms with it and maybe cole slaw. Simple.

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