Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, April 4, 2016

Out with Mom

I am looking forward to Wednesday when I will be meeting with the Weight Management doctor for the first time in about a year. A check-in. She is marvelous, always gives me a different insight and food for thought.

Today is going to be a wild day. I will have my nose on the glass of the bank's door waiting until they open at 9:00 then a run over the pass to pick up mom. I need a smog on my car. We will swing by to see if and when they can do it this morning or afternoon or tomorrow.

We have become friends with the new neighbors Lisa and Mike across the cut-de-sac and have owed them a dinner. Mike is going in for shoulder surgery soon so Saturday night is pay back! They have never eaten Barbacoa so I will be making that and serving a roasted corn salad, cilantro/lime rice and my famous Fruit and Cheese Pizza for dessert. With mom today, I want to swing by World Market to buy a Mexican motif tablecloth and napkins. It will be a fun but casual dinner. Not a lot of work.

I am waiting to hear from Dr. K. to approve my return to pulmonary rehab on Tuesday. If I get the approval in time, I will get back to work this week. It will be good. Both of my rehab boys phoned to see if I was feeling better. Love that.

After working five hours in the yards on Saturday, I fully expected to be stiff and sore on Sunday and even today. Nothing. I felt great. I was still full of energy. I felt so great that I cleaned the outdoor furniture and also completed a couple of projects around the house. I am grateful for feeling so good and energetic. A month ago, I was so very sick.

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