Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pushing to the Limit

I slept so hard last night that I am stumbling around this morning. It's going to take some time to wake up! What a day yesterday!

After I showered, dressed and was out the door with Michael to pick up our new/old car after it finally got a smog report then we split up. I drove back home in time to iron the linens for dinner with our new neighbors, ran a load in the dishwasher, picked up the house for the housekeepers before driving deep into the city for the doctor appointment.

The Weight Management doctor had lost a lot of weight!  She looked fantastic! We talked. We reviewed my medicines and vitamins. She warned me that if I did have lung transplants this year, I would probably initially gain some weight due to the medications but it would settle in as the dosages decreased. My job would be to focus on healing. Good words of wisdom. It has been five years since I lost over 70 pounds. She told me that if a person can get through the first week then month then 6 months then year of changing their habits, the weight loss will usually be permanent. It is then a part of life. But, even after five years, some people actually put all the weight back on and that I have to remember how I felt physically with all that weight on me. She also wrote on my report that I was not to lose any more weight. That will make Dr. K. happy!

It was 85 degrees as I drove back to the coastside and I made it back just fine until...I hit Surfer's Beach just miles north of us. Miles of cars all stopped. It took over 25-minutes to drive four miles. Brutal after a long day, a long drive and a long night ahead of me.

Orchestra rehearsal was in a small area with no air conditioning. I was dripping all night. Finally, it was over and I dragged myself to bed. I don't remember anything else. I passed out from exhaustion. I did too much. I am going to pay for it today and probably tomorrow.

We are leaving the house together in an hour to get the car registered then I will buy all the groceries for the week and the special neighbor dinner. A lot of groceries. A lot to haul in and put away. It is the only thing I HAVE to do today other than make dinner. I should cut the lawn but I think I should take a nap instead!

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