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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Day Together

Lee and Jeff arrived around 3:30, we chatted, had appetizers a bit later then we watched the Warriors game. It was rough. They lost. Dinner was fantastic, they loved the barbacoa tacos and the strawberry pie was actually just fine. Delicious, fresh and tasting of summer.

We did have a bit of a "getting old is the pits" moment when the three of them learned they had each fallen recently. Lee missed a little step into her living room and fell hard. Jeff tripped on carpet and fell so hard onto the top section of their toilet that it shattered. He had a nasty wound on his knee. Then, there was Michael's gardening wounds. I was the only one who had not taken a tumble.

Their lunch with mom went really well. Everything I mentioned, mom had already told them. They had a really nice time together.

The fog is dense this morning but is just beginning to lighten up. It is going to be warm and perfect along the coast. The plan is to drive down the coast to Santa Cruz, have lunch at our favorite dive then a walk along the Beach Boardwalk. It should not be crowded on a Tuesday, I hope!

It's fun to have a bit of company and so very nice of them to insist on staying in a hotel just minutes away.

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