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Monday, May 2, 2016

A Good Stretch

It's a mom day today. No doctor appointments or anywhere we have to be. We'll see what fun we can get into.

Yesterday, I did the paperwork for the transplant clinic appointment on Thursday. Years ago, I created four documents and I keep them updated: list of medications, list of doctors, list of hospitalizations, list of my family history. It has saved me so much time and effort. Copies of all four documents are now attached to the paperwork for Thursday. Clean, neat, organized and correct information at my fingertips instead of trying to remember all the details.

There was also a problem yesterday. My torn tendons in my hip have been really painful lately. I stepped out of our new/old car last week and pulled something. I was in a pretty high level of pain yesterday before I remembered the three exercises the physical therapist taught to me many month ago. I crawled onto the rug, started slowly and went through the routine twice. After that, I laid one leg up the wall and flexed my foot. I stood up. No pain. No pain later. No pain this morning.

I will be going through the routine every morning for several days then every few days.

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