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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Sad Goodbye

Suddenly, I remembered that Mother's Day is this Sunday. My sole focus had been on Thursday's transplant clinic appointment so I blew it. Mary phoned yesterday to talk about her move to Tennessee to live with Michael's sister Debbie. I think they found a house to rent and the move is on for late June. Mary was so excited. She is ready.

After our conversation, I realized that we had sent nothing for Mother's Day! We don't want to send something that she is going to have to pack. This morning, I am heading to Macy's to find some Sterling Silver earrings. She has short white hair and always wears earrings. What girl doesn't like jewelry? I need to find a card and get it in the mail today. Before rehab class.

I got a heartbreaking message on my cell phone from my rehab boy Dick yesterday. It felt like he was saying goodbye. His family had gathered last weekend, which he loved but said that he was failing fast. He also asked that I not phone him as they will be dealing with lots of agencies, which I am assuming is hospice. I will be sharing the message with Sherman when I see him today.

A rehearsal with the Irish Fiddlers group is this evening. We also have a birthday party gig in a pasture on Friday evening. I know I will be exhausted from Thursday's several hour long appointment so I don't think I will be playing it. But, I may change my mind.

Lots of emotional ups and downs. Life is moving in several directions right now.

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