Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, May 27, 2016

Back to the Other Rehab

The caveman arrived really early to rehab yesterday but not before I had warned Sherman about what had happened on Tuesday at the end of class. He and I were prepared. After a hello, Sherman launched into a long story about his daughter's recent surgery and issues, which bored the caveman and he wandered off. Then, he wandered back while I was talking with an RN from the other rehab who just happened to be working at the different hospital. I introduced her to Sherman then to the caveman and mentioned that he will be seeing her on Friday at the other gym for the first time. As she and I continued to talk about her uncle's recent lung biopsy, he wandered off again. Throughout the workout, I was able to mostly avoid him by being very busy talking to anyone around me. Worked rather well.

I am leaving for the other rehab within the hour where I plan to say hello to the caveman before he begins his introduction to the equipment by the exercise physiologist. Without him wanting my full attention at all times, it will allow me to chat with my friends who I have not seen in months. I am going to leave after just thirty-minutes as I have to meet mom for a pacemaker doctor appointment.

Busy weekend ahead. Today, there is a surprise birthday party at noon for a friend here on the coast at their business. Michael is going to make it, I am going to be late. On Saturday, I need to do the yard work, make a lot of copies for the attorney, gather massive data and put it into a database, buy appetizers for a get together with Rick, Natalie and Melanie later in the afternoon. Who knows what will happen on Sunday and Monday!

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