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Friday, May 20, 2016

Crawling to the Weekend

What a day! It was as nuts as I had anticipated. The good news is that my cool eye doctor did some special tests during this appointment, took a good look and declared that my eyes were healthy and doing well. Thankfully. I think I am most fearful of losing my eyesight. I drove just a block away to visit with Sherman but he was not there! The staff told me he was having car issues.

After driving home, I had a bit of lunch then Michael and I had a difficult drive into the city. Lots of traffic and lots of tourists and bad drivers. While having my blood drawn for the protein that could be causing me to catch colds and viruses so easily, we had a fun conversation with the phlebotomist. She saw my birth date and said, "Scorpio." Well, that began a fun discussion. Apparently, her daughter was a Scorpio and was dating a Virgo (like Michael). We had her laughing so hard. She kept saying, "It's like you know my daughter!"

We wandered across the street to the hospital gift shop for breath mints and I found Betty's birthday card! Bonus points! We walked through the endless connectors between buildings to our meeting room. A new assistant to one of the doctor's was already there. He was raised in So. Carolina and this was his first job just out of college. He was so impressed that we ate at one of his hidden restaurants in Charleston. We talked food! His parents can't believe he is paying $1,500/month for a room in San Francisco. Horribly high rents here! I can't blog about the meeting but it was so interesting and I volunteered to work on a special project.

We ran out of there a bit late, drove down the coast and arrived at the next event! The place was packed! It was a cancer fundraising event. We had more food! The owner brought over some prawns and steak bites. We ended up bringing it home as we were full from the meeting food. 

Finally, I crawled into bed at 9:30 and don't remember anything. 

I so hope I don't get sick. Too much this week. 

Oh, and today? My mom has an appointment with the firm that did our taxes for a review of her portfolio. She is not happy with her broker and wants advice. I need to leave quickly to drive over to bring her back to the coastside for the appointment. Afterward, we have to go by the city offices in her town because they messed up her primary ballot. 

I am already looking forward to bedtime.

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